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Secyre works with businesses, security professionals, and communities to deliver a new mindset in the approach to security. Our partners have the best interests of their customers and staff in mind so together we make communities stronger.

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Case Study

This security provider delivers proactive solutions specifically designed to disrupt suspicious activity in real time before a crime occurs. There’s nothing standard or traditional about their services, and their solutions are customized to protect their customers from the outside-in to prevent the intent of criminal activity.

Case Study

This live video monitoring company provides video surveillance that combines AI technology with human intelligence to prevent unwanted visitors. Blue eye offers a better security solution through real-time, remote video surveillance that owners and operators can add to existing camera systems to stop criminal acts before they happen.

Case Study

Deploy Surveillance provides robust purpose-built solar-powered mobile surveillance units (MSU) to live-stream video for surveillance and monitoring of a project site on a wide range of environments.

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