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Innovative. Fundamental. Gigerized and simple. We’re proud to say that those are just some of our brands’ traits. And while other terms like “gap-filler,” “missing-piece producer,” and “connector” also describe us, we are first and foremost a security team that truly gets it.

That’s because we’ve been in the field with our boots on the ground, seeing, hearing, and handling all the challenges our customers must manage every day—and this isn’t our first rodeo.

Chapter #1 – Houston, we have a few problems

Our journey started years ago, when we were just dipping our toe in the security solutions business. Right off the bat we saw first-hand that security equipment can be hard for people to understand. And too often complexities interfere with equipment’s ability to provide high-level security for particularly vulnerable businesses.

And through other chapters in our team’s existence, we’ve worked to fix those problems and more.

Chapter #2 – Going further

When a security monitoring company needed help developing a response solution, we not only created the platform for it we also realized there was a larger security issue that monitoring alone couldn’t solve.

While 24/7 facility monitoring was a step in the right direction, it didn’t provide the ability to respond to events in real time. Instead, owners had to helplessly watch a replay of their property being damaged or worse. And while camera surveillance helped deter crime and increase protection, it was simply missing any sort of immediate human response.

Chapter #3 – Secyre is born

So, our team realized the importance of live people responding to events happening in real time, particularly when overburdened police officers simply can’t respond. That’s where Secyre comes in—a solution that goes a step or two beyond monitoring.

The first step was our Secyre app. After downloading it for an affordable monthly fee, owners and operators can use it when security concerns arise. And, after pushing just a few buttons, they can quickly summon a security guard to arrive and secure the area.

That way, not only do owners and operators have a new, fast, reliable, real-time security tool at their disposal, security guards gain a new revenue stream—and police officers can rest a little easier.

Chapter #4 – Contributing to a safer world

Now that Secyre is tried and true, our team is proud and confident that our service fills a big security gap, ultimately making communities safer across the United States.

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